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Keeping Your Smile Healthy and Happy

Nobody necessarily looks forward to visiting their dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. It can be tempting to put this task on the backburner until symptoms of something serious begin appearing. However, leaving small problems untreated can result in needing costly and invasive treatments down the road. That’s why at Maxwello Dental, we focus on providing high-quality preventive care that exceeds our patients’ expectations. Every six months, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your mouth and treat any issues that may be developing. This way, you’ll never have to wonder whether you have a clean bill of health or not. If it’s been longer than you’d like to admit since you last saw a dentist, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Why Choose Maxwello Dental For Checkups & Cleanings?

  • Comprehensive Care
  • Soothing Atmosphere and Spa-Like Services
  • Experienced Dental Team

What Happens During a Dental Checkup?

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The first part of your appointment will consist of a dental checkup. Depending on whether you visit our Houston or Pearland location, you’ll either see Dr. Letitia Plummer or Dr. Gregory Pham. They’ll begin by taking an X-ray (if necessary) and inspecting your teeth for any signs of cavities and dental decay. They’ll then check the health of your gums by looking for any signs of infection such as irritation, swelling, or redness. If they find any problems that require treatment, they’ll let you know and make some treatment suggestions before they move onto your professional cleaning.

The last part of the examination will include an oral cancer screening. With gloved-hands, they’ll check your tongue, throat, face, head, and neck for any abnormalities or troublesome signs like white and red patches. This disease progresses quickly, so it’s important to catch it in its early stages in order to successfully treat it.

What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

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The last part of your appointment will consist of a professional dental cleaning. Our team uses small, specially designed gadgets to reach into the crevices of your mouth that you can’t get to with a regular toothbrush at home to remove tartar and plaque buildup. Using a scaler, we will clear away any film that’s present on your teeth that could erode your enamel. Next, we’ll floss between each of your teeth to remove food debris and plaque. Using a gritty prophylaxis paste, we’ll polish your pearly whites and remove surface stains, leaving them looking and feeling fresh.

Why is Routine Preventive Care Necessary?

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Routine preventive care involves keeping up with your oral hygiene at home as well as visiting Maxwello Dental every six months for a checkup and cleaning. Every time you come to us, we’ll be sure to provide you with a thorough examination and cleaning so you can leave our office feeling confident in the status of your oral health. Here are some reasons checkups and cleanings are so necessary:

  • Detecting oral cancer.
  • Control plaque and tartar buildup.
  • Prevent cavities from causing tooth infections.
  • Detect gum disease early.
  • Keep bad oral habits like smoking and teeth grinding in check.
  • Find hidden problems with X-rays.

The first step to looking after your overall health is to take care of your mouth. At Maxwello Dental, we’re proud to offer convenient comprehensive care. That way, our patients can get any treatment they need under one roof, including everything from sleep apnea therapy to checkups and cleanings. If it has been longer than six months since you last saw a dentist, contact us today so we can schedule an appointment!