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ClearCorrect – Pearland, TX

A See-Through Solution for a Straighter Smile

Perhaps you’re bothered by crooked teeth, but you don’t want to get braces to correct them; after all, it’s hard to maintain a professional image when you’ve got unsightly metal brackets and wires in your mouth. Luckily, Maxwello Dental & Orthodontics has a solution: ClearCorrect. With this treatment, you’ll gradually adjust your teeth without drawing unwanted attention, and by the end you’ll have a new and improved smile! Schedule an appointment with us today to ask about ClearCorrect and other orthodontic options.

Why Choose Maxwello Dental & Orthodontics for ClearCorrect

  • A metal-free, image-friendly orthodontic solution
  • Aligners provided by a certified orthodontist
  • Removeable aligners that let you eat and brush normally

What is ClearCorrect?

Clear aligner

The ClearCorrect treatment uses a series of clear aligners. Each one is worn for about two weeks as it makes small changes to select teeth, putting them in the appropriate position to prepare for the next stage. You’ll then move on to the next aligner and repeat the process. On average, ClearCorrect lasts for about a year, but the exact amount of time depends on the kind of corrections that need to be made.

The clear aligners don’t need to be adjusted the way traditional braces do. That said, you’ll still need to come in for periodic checkups. We’ll make sure the treatment is going as planned; sometimes we might ask you to wear an aligner longer than you normally would.

Indications for ClearCorrect

ClearCorrect is usually recommended for adults and teens who are concerned about appearances. The aligners can correct most common orthodontic issues, such as those listed below.

Crowded Teeth

Clear aligners can straighten teeth that are crowded together, giving them enough space to line up properly. This will allow you to brush them more effectively and lower the risk of cavities.

Spaces Between Teeth

Depending on the distance, ClearCorrect can close unsightly gaps between your teeth; not only will it enhance your appearance, but it’ll also mean there’s less room for food particles to get trapped in the mouth.

Bite Alignment

Overbite, underbite, and crossbite can all be corrected by ClearCorrect. This will relieve any pressure on your jaw joint that could cause teeth grinding and jaw clenching that could damage the enamel.

Benefits of ClearCorrect

Crowded teeth

  • Shorter Treatment Time: A ClearCorrect treatment can take 12 to 18 months to complete, while traditional braces may need to be worn for 2 to 3 years. Furthermore, braces will usually require much more frequent appointments.
  • No Diet Restrictions: Because ClearCorrect is removeable, you can eat anything you want without worrying about damaging the aligners.
  • Comfortable, Aesthetically Pleasing Aligners: Most people won’t notice the see-through aligners, letting you smile with confidence. Additionally, the smooth aligner trays are generally much more comfortable for patients than traditional braces.

Cost of ClearCorrect

Straight smile

Not everyone will receive the same amount of ClearCorrect aligners; some might get 6, others might have 12, and in some cases, even more will be needed. This means that it can be difficult to give a one-size-fits-all price for the treatment. We’ll help you form an estimate during your initial consultation so that you can plan your finances appropriately.